LED Residential Lighting

Skip the remodel and give your home an instant residential lighting upgrade with LED lighting. High color rendering enhances the true colors of your largest investments, breathing new life and vibrancy into home décor, while at the same time increasing comfort and mood in every room. Worried about efficiency? Don’t be. Whereas incandescent bulbs act more as a heat source than a light source, LED residential lamps are up to 85 percent more efficient, saving you hundreds on your electric bill each year. Our residential fixtures are also dimmable, offering better functionality than traditional options. Not to mention, with lamps lasting up to 25,000 hours and downlights lasting up to 50,000 hours, you’ll never have to worry about replacing them. Like, ever.

Residential Lighting

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Available in a variety of color temperatures and wattage equivalents, A19 lamps are perfect for task lighting, ambient lighting, and overhead lights. With a high CRI, they enhance the look of everything inside a home, all the while lasting up to 22 years.
Dimmable and long-lasting, BR30 lamps are an easy lighting upgrade, typically used in recessed housings. Not only do they deliver better lumen output than fluorescents that don't degrade over time, but their high CRI makes objects inside a home pop.
Dimmable downlights are ideal for setting the mood of any room, particularly on movie night. Providing a high CRI in kitchens, they also make it easier to see ingredients while cooking. And since downlights last up to 45 years, you'll never have to worry about climbing on a ladder to replace them.
Perfect for garages and laundry rooms, surface mount lights emit just the right light for task lighting. Various color temperatures mimic sunlight, while high CRIs allow true colors to shine. Meaning, you'll finally tell the difference between that blue and black sock.
Lasting more than 50,00 hours with an 80 CRI, wet-listed landscape lighting ensures no wasted uplight on a homeowner's biggest investment by providing highly directional light to facades, shrubbery, outdoor patios, decks, and flagpoles that won't spill into your neighbors' windows.