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Other online retailers don’t want you to know this, but you can buy high quality wall mounted LED lights at prices that make your accountant give the thumbs up. See for yourself below. Not only are these fixtures for brightening up porches, stairways, or perimeters, but they also ship fast, come with a 5-year warranty, and don’t fight with you during installation. So shop these outdoor light fixtures now and know we’ve got your back. And, as an added bonus, so will your accountant. Need an indoor wall sconce? You can find them here. And be sure to check out our Noctura® Series Wall Mount by Cree Lighting®.

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  1. C-WM-A-MWP Series Side View
    C-Lite LED Wall Mount/Mini LED Wall Pack | C-WM-A-MWP Series | Up to 3600 Lumens | CCT Selectable | Bronze
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    Replaces 100W PSMH
    Up to 3600 Lumens
  2. NaturaLED® LED Dual Head Security Light w/ Motion Sensor | LED-FXBFD20 Series
    NaturaLED® LED Dual Head Security Light w/ Motion Sensor | LED-FXBFD20 Series
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    Replaces 200W Incandescent
    1400 Lumens
  3. NaturaLED® LED Wall Sconce
    NaturaLED® LED Wall Sconce | LED-FX5DWS Series | Down Only | 25W | 3000K | Black
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    SKU: LED-FX5DWS25/33S/930/BK
    Replaces 250W Incandescent
    1750 Lumens

LED Outdoor Wall Mount Lighting

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What size of wall mounted lights are best?

Good lighting outside is just as essential as the inside. In general, you should base the wall mounted lights size on the height of your door. The lights should measure at least 1/3 to 1/4 its height. The average size for a wall mounted LED light is an estimated 7 inches wide. For doors larger than 8 feet, the size should be closer to 11 inches wide.

Where should wall mounted lights be placed?

It’s best to install wall-mounted light fixtures about 66 to 72 inches from the floor while being 6 feet apart from each other to make sure you have the right amount of light for your surroundings. Before purchasing any light fixtures, remember that placement is vital to consider before buying the correct bulb.

When should you use wall mounted lights?

There's nothing like impeccable lighting to liven a space and area. Whether you want to create a welcoming outdoor environment, enhance security and safety, or simply highlight your property's exterior, wall-mounted LED lights are a great way to illuminate the dark.

How many wall mounted lights do I need?

The number of wall-mounted LED lights your property needs depends on the property's size and where the most human traffic will be. Once you've noted those factors, hang lights in those areas to make them sufficiently bright. You can always add on additional light fixtures to improve overall brightness later. Here is a checklist:
  • One or two porch lights
  • One or two garage lights
  • One or more lights for the back of the property
  • One or more lights for the side of the property

Can you dim wall mounted lights?

Yes! Dimmable LED lights are an excellent choice for those looking for a more energy-efficient option that can also be dimmed. Whether you use them at home or in a commercial space, dimmers reduce the light produced while emitting an attractive glow to welcome all guests.