LED Flood Lights for Outdoor & Security Lighting

Outdoor security flood lights are one of the best options for efficiency, coupled with high performance. The best LED flood lights enhance visibility at nighttime; instantly brighten parking lots, walkways, buildings, and signage; and increase security levels. Outdoor lighting is a win for everyone: employees won’t have to worry about walking to their cars at night; outdoor warehouse operations can continue to run smoothly; security officers can better identify incoming vehicles; college kids can walk safely around campus after dark. Check out our Noctura® Series Flood Light by Cree Lighting®.

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    savr® 4-inch Round Weatherproof J-Box Cover w/ 1/2-inch NPT Threaded Knockout
    savr® 4-inch Round Weatherproof J-Box Cover w/ 1/2-inch NPT Threaded Knockout | Dark Bronze
    Recommended for use with flood lights that have a 1/2-inch adjustable fitter.
  2. New
    savr® 4-inch Round Weatherproof J-Box Cover w/ 1/2-inch NPT Threaded Knockout White
    savr® 4-inch Round Weatherproof J-Box Cover w/ 1/2-inch NPT Threaded Knockout | White
    Recommended for use with flood lights that have a 1/2-inch adjustable fitter.
  3. E-FFC05B | Angled front view
    e-conolight LED Flood Light | E-FFC Series | 5200-5300 Lumens | 4000K or 5000K
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    SKU: E-FFC05B
    Replaces 100W PSMH
    5200-5300 Lumens
  4. E-FFC | Full front angle
    e-conolight LED Flood Light w/ 1/2-inch Adjustable Fitter | E-FFC Series | 1700 Lumens | 4000K | White
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    SKU: E-FFC01B-T6W40W
    Replaces 50W MH
    1700 Lumens
  5. E-FFC | Full front side angle
    e-conolight LED Flood Light | E-FFC Series | 25,100 - 25,900 Lumens | 4000K or 5000K
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    SKU: E-FFC25B
    Replaces 400W PSMH
    25,100 - 25,900 Lumens
  6. E-FFC19 | Angled front view
    e-conolight Outdoor LED Flood Light | E-FFC Series | 19,400 Lumens |4000K | Dark Bronze
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    SKU: E-FFC19B-TW40Z
    Replaces 400W MH
    19,400 Lumens

Outdoor LED Flood Lights

All of our LED flood lights emit brilliant light that’s glare- and shadow-free. No need to worry about light fading the farther you get from the source; the flood light beams are uniform, with no dark or hot spots. Plus, our LED flood lights are estimated to last over 100,000 hours, without any maintenance needed. Each LED flood light has also been third-party tested for top quality, meaning it had to pass multiple tests to even be sold on our website. (Read more about it in our popular blog about flood lights). Even still, we offer a 5-year warranty, to give you that extra peace of mind.

We’ve got everything from premium to bullet to compact to shoebox-style exterior flood lights, with wide to narrow distributions patterns, so you’re certain to find the right one for your next outside application. But, if you’re still not quite sure, give our lighting experts a call at 1-888-243-9445; they can help you choose the perfect fixture, plus offer free advice on layout and installations. Shop today, and let us know how we can help.

Our reliable LED flood lights are especially valuable in 24/7 operations, like warehouses. If an outdoor fixture fails and your client needs to take time to relamp, everything must come to a complete stop. That’s valuable time and money lost. With third-party certified fixtures, however, you’ll never have to worry about relamping again. Not for 100,000 hours, minimum, anyway. Also, since outdoor flood lights can brighten up loading docks and parking lots with their crisp and clear light, they increase safety for both employees and visitors. Plus, with so many shipments coming in and going out, brighter light also helps security monitor traffic and read license plates or other types of ID. This keeps everyone all-around safer and more efficient.

In office buildings, employees work late. And even in the winter months, it’s dark by the time the work day ends. Using LED flood lights to brighten up parking areas, both staff and employees will never have to feel concerned when they walk to their cars. Let’s not forget about the college kids. Late-night classes and study sessions are commonplace at educational institutions. With brilliant, even outdoor lighting across campus walkways, parking lots, and parking decks, students will no longer have to worry about their safety on their way back to their dorms.

Retail establishments can also benefit from quality tested flood lights. After all, the difference between a well-lit parking lot/walkway and a dark and murky one can mean serious business. Literally. If a customer feels uneasy even before entering your client’s store, chances are they’ll go somewhere where they don’t. Beat them to the punch by illuminating a retail establishment in bright LED light, creating a welcome and open atmosphere.

Have we mentioned that flood lights are perfect for brightening up signs and displays? If your client’s customer can’t see their store sign, forget about even bothering to light up their parking lot because their store won’t even be found. Also, if an advertisement sign is displayed clearly and brightly, it can lead to a nice amount of sales.

Think about hospitals. In a place where emergencies happen constantly, clear and consistent outdoor light is necessary to ensure that emergency vehicle drivers can arrive at their destination without questioning where to go or turn. Also, hospital patients have many late-night visitors, so brightened parking lots are a must for safety.

In residential circumstances, if your client’s looking to cast some light on his or her trees and flowers, flood lights were made for the job. They have a high CRI, or color rendering index, meaning they bring out the true colors of whatever’s underneath them, making everything look its best. It’s like giving a home an instant upgrade, without the costly remodeling fees. Plus, the flood lights on our website are wet location-suitable, meaning they can endure both rain and sprinkler systems and come out just fine. Our flood lights are available in both 4000K and 5000K, plus a wide array of lumens, depending on your needs.

Compared to solar powered security lights, LED flood lights stay on until the moment you turn them off. Since they’re connected to a power source, they won’t lose their charge. LED flood lights are also not motion-activated, as solar lights can be. This means that they won’t automatically turn on when there is detected movement and then turn off when no movement is found.

How many lumens should a flood light have?

How many lumens a flood light should have depends on the project.

What is the difference between flood lights and spotlights?

Floodlights cast a beam spread of up to 120 degrees and illuminate a larger space with the same number of delivered lumens and wattage as a spotlight. On the other hand, spotlights cast a narrow beam of light under 45 degrees. Because this beam is more focused, it’s easier to control.

Do LED flood lights get hot?

No LED flood lights do not get hot.

What are the best LED flood lights?

The best LED flood lights have been quality tested to ensure they perform the way they’re promised to. Some tests that flood light should pass are: thermal shock, drop, vibration, and rain. A quality flood light should last between 12 and 22 years. Also, look for UL, ETL, DLC, or FCC certifications; these test products in various ways to ensure safety.

What is the brightest LED flood light?

The brightest LED flood light we carry delivers up to 39,000 lumens.

Can I replace flood lights with LED?

Yes. LED flood lights will last longer, use up far less energy, and won’t get hot.