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If you’re going to plant outdoor LED lighting—namely, bollard lights—along your walkway, why not pick one that installs easily, and saves you money? Our pathway bollard lights add high-quality ambient lighting to your grounds, plus they protect your grounds from anyone or anything that shouldn’t be there. And don’t worry; if form is a factor (which it is) we’ve got flat top, round top, and any other top you might need for your gardens, entryways, pools, landscapes, and more. Shop our full selection of bollard lights now.
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    C-Lite LED Pathway Light
    C-Lite LED Pathway Light | 42-inch | C-BD-A-BLD Series | 20W | 5000K | Medium Bronze
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    SKU: C-BD-A-BLD-2L-50K-T5-42-MB
    Replaces 100W PSMH
    2450 Lumens
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    e-conolight LED Round Top Bollard | E-BBA Series
    e-conolight LED Round Top Bollard | E-BBA Series
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    SKU: E-BBA02A-D8R
    Replaces 100W MH
    2000 Lumens

What are bollard lights?

Bollard lights are used to brighten pathways, offices, retail, apartment complexes, and healthcare facilities.

Should I use different bollard lights for different landscapes?

You can use bollard lights to illuminate pathways, which helps to increase pedestrians’ feelings of safety and security. You can also use them to brighten driveways and highlight certain areas of a home, instantly increasing its curb appeal.

How far apart should bollard lights be?

At hospitals and offices, place bollards 10 to 15 feet apart. At parks, use 15 to 25 feet. For paths around areas that aren’t overly crowded, place bollards 30+ feet apart.

Why Bollard Lights are Essential for Outdoor Lighting

Bollard lights serve as posts, obstruct vehicles, and are a tremendous tool for increasing public safety. Not to mention they also add a decorative element to outdoor landscaping. LED bollard lights serve as a great way to add style and security to outdoor areas and increase visibility during nighttime hours. They are invaluable when it comes to keeping walkways, stairwells, and access areas well-lit. Bollard lights are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes and many have useful timing and dimming features for customers to take advantage of.