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What is commercial lighting?

Commercial lighting is any kind of lighting that’s used to brighten commercial spaces, like offices, stores, institutions, hospitals, or government buildings.

What are the benefits of commercial LED lights?

Commercial lighting fixtures are used to light offices, workshops, or any other places of work. And you’ll want to use LED, since it has a myriad of benefits over traditional linear fluorescent lighting, which can cause headaches, eye strain, and an overall lack of employee productivity. With LED, both workers and customers are energized, they’re able to focus better, and they’re able to see the products in front of them with greater clarity. In the outdoor commercial space, LED lighting increases security, making employees and customers feel more safe and secure.

Since our commercial lighting uses LED technology, each fixture will last much longer than traditional fluorescents, meaning more savings passed along to you. You’ll need to replace fluorescent lighting every 2-3 years, while LED lighting can last for up to 20 years. That’s both time and money saved; you won’t need to shut down operations and halt production to fix a faulty light. LED commercial lighting also reduces energy costs up to 90%.

How can commercial LED lighting be used?

Use LED high bay lights to illuminate warehouses and grocery stores. In the latter, this type of clear and crisp lighting will make produce look more attractive to customers, resulting in more sales. In an office space, LED flat panel lights, troffers, and recessed/down lighting are your go-tos. Each will help enhance worker productivity, increase alertness, and promote a general sense of well-being. In addition, LED vapor tights are an excellent choice for areas that are subject to an increased level of moisture, heat, and debris. Uplighting draws attention to a specific point of interest, like a piece of architecture. And, of course, LED exit lights ensure reliability in the event of an emergency.

What are the best applications for LED commercial lighting?


The best office lighting, includes fixtures like LED flat panels and troffers help reduce migraines, eye strain, and drowsiness. This is because LED lighting gives off bright and even light that’s known to help reduce glare and increase worker productivity.

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores need great retail lighting to highlight all the goods being sold. Luckily, LED lighting features high CRIs that bring out the true colors of everything underneath them, making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for on shelves.


Bright and crisp LED lighting in healthcare settings, can help keep hospital staff more awake and alert, allowing them to perform their tasks optimally, including during high-risk scenarios. LED lighting can also help create a relaxing atmosphere for patients who may be under stress.

How can commercial LED lighting be used?

Explore our interactive commercial LED lighting guide below to see where different types of lighting like down lights and area lights can be used in a commercial setting. Click around the animation to see the key distinctions between different types of commercial lighting, and the best applications for each product.

Exit and
down-light area-lights garage-lighting flat-panels exit-and-emergency
LED Downlights emit bright, glare-free light in high-traffic areas, like waiting rooms, hallways, foyers, and bathrooms. Energy costs are reduced by up to 85 percent, while maintenance-free operation promotes better healing, with little to no interruptions.
With vibrant and uniform illumination, LED area lighting increases the safety of visitors and staff in parking lots and on walkways. Brighter light also helps security staff monitor incoming traffic, plus read license plates or any forms of identification.
Perfect for illuminating parking decks, LED garage lighting provides visitors and employees with an increased sense of safety and security at night and during early morning hours.
The clear white light of LED troffers and flat panels provides patients with senses of comfort, safety, and security. Meanwhile, higher color rendering ensures doctors and nurses make accurate diagnoses and provide more efficient treatment in both operating and patient rooms
LED exit and emergency signs deliver crisp, bright light that’s easy for staff and visitors to find during urgent and non-urgent events.