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See employee satisfaction and energy savings skyrocket with crisp and clear e-conolight LED lighting. For workers who spend up to eight hours a day at their desks in front of their computers, a natural and relaxing environment is crucial to overall well-being and productivity. LED lighting simulates daylight, reducing complaints of glare, eye strain, and fatigue, all of which contribute to a more comfortable workspace. Meanwhile, crisp outdoor lighting improves both employee and visitor safety in parking lots and along walkways. Energy and maintenance costs? Dramatically reduced by up to 90 percent, inside and out. In short, you get the best of both worlds: a comfortably lit office space that costs less.

What lighting is best for an office environment?

LED flat panels and troffers are best for an office environment. They can help decrease migraines, eye strain, and drowsiness, making employees more productive.

Why is lighting important in an office?

Fluorescent lighting can cause headaches and migraines, decreasing employee productivity. LED lighting, however, with its clear and even cast, helps prevent these and other negative side effects, which makes employees more productive.

3 lighting types that would best suit offices

LED Flat Panels, LED Troffers, LED Downlights would best suit offices.

Lighting A Warehouse

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Exit and
down-light area-lights flat-panels exit-and-emergency bollards
Downlights in conference rooms and hallways help create a more productive work environment by eliminating glare and distributing bright light evenly. Maintenance costs are reduced by up to 90 percent.
LED area lighting in parking lots improves nighttime visibility by emitting uniform, shadow-less light that increases safety when employees and/or visitors walk to and from their cars at night.
LED troffers and flat panels reduce glare, eye strain, and worker fatigue by making conference rooms and hallways look and feel like daylight. Productivity increases, while energy costs are cut in half.
Reliable LED exit and emergency lights above doorways make it easy to identify exit and entry points, especially in the event of a hazard.
LED bollards emit crisp and even white light that increases safety along pathways by allowing easy identification of suspicious activity.

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