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Workplace lighting impacts the mood of employees, as it can determine how they think and feel while at work. A workspace with too much brightness can cause visual fatigue, but without enough, an employee may not be as effective. The perfect office lighting is designed with comfort and productivity in mind. LED lighting from e-conolight can help increase productivity and comfortability of workers, while maintaining the ideal amount of light needed for the workspace. Our lighting has the ability to provide the best employee, environment and operating value around.

Lighting A Warehouse

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Exit and
Improve your facility scheduling, planning, and general operations management with LED Downlights. Ideal for back-of-house offices and meeting rooms, downlights emit crisp white light that reduces eye strain and headaches, enhancing productivity and reducing energy costs by as much as 85%.
LED area lighting provides evenly distributed light across your parking lot, increasing the safety of those underneath them. Brighter light helps security staff monitor incoming traffic, plus read license plates or any forms of identification.
Maintenance-free and easy to install in your back-of-house offices, e-conolight LED flat panels provide smooth and even light from inside a low-profile design. Productivity increases, while energy costs plummet by as much as 80%.
Reliable LED exit and emergency lights above doorways make it easy to identify exit and entry points, especially in the event of a hazard.
LED bollards emit crisp and even white light that help increase safety along pathways by allowing easy identification of suspicious activity.

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