Outdoor Post Top Lighting

LED Post Top Lights add that little extra punch to landscaping and streets. Not only do they make anything underneath them look nicer, but they also provide a sense of safety to pedestrians in parking lots and on walkways. Think of them as an accent that adds character and charm to an area, but with a little added security, to top it off. With our post top lights, you can choose between 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K color temperatures, depending on the level of warmth that’s needed. And, since they’re UL listed, you can expect the highest quality possible, not to mention a 5-year warranty and over 55,000 estimated hours of maintenance-free operation.

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  1. LED Post Top Area Light | E-ARB09 Series | Dark Bronze
    LED Post Top Area Light | E-ARB09 Series | Dark Bronze
    SKU: E-ARB09A
    Replaces 175W MH
    7500 - 8300 Lumens
  2. LED Area Light E-ARB Series | e-conolight
    LED Post Top Area Light | E-ARB06 Series | Dark Bronze
    SKU: E-ARB06A
    Replaces 175W MH
    5400 - 6100 Lumens