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Lighting the American Flag

A guide to properly illuminating Old Glory
The American flag has been a symbol of our nation’s strength, pride, freedom and honor since 1777. As a celebration of patriotism, it is important to protect the intergrity of the flag and display it in a way that highlights it in a respectful manner.
50 White stars in a blue field
Representing the 50 states of the union
13 stripes
Seven red alternating with six white representing the original 13 colonies
when lighting a flag it is important to
Consider ambient light:

In a well-lit city or neighborhood use a high-output LED flood light to counter brighter surroundings.

In a country or rural setting with less ambient light, a lower-output LED flood light will be equally effective.

pole height should be approximately
3-4x the length of the flag:
Pole HeightRecommended Lumens
(Utilizing appropriate optic)
Up to 20’1700 – 6500 Lumens
20’ – 25’6000 – 12,000 Lumens
25’ – 40’15,000 – 22, 000 Lumens
40’+25,000 Lumens
(Multiple fixtures may be required)
tips and tricks to achieve the
best quality lighting:

LED light provides better color quality, creating a brighter, truer red, white and blue.

Spot or narrow LED flood lights are recommended for more direct light.

Spot (20°)

Narrow (35° - 60°)


For maximum effect position your light to the center of the flag or top of the pole.

according to the united states flag code
The american flag should be:
Raised at dawn
Retired at dusk or properly illuminated

Fun Fact: Lighting the American flag is one of the most popular uses of flood lights.
in most residential

A single LED flood light set approximately 2' - 5' from the base of the flagpole will provide sufficient illumination to the flag.

Note: Check local Dark Sky guidelines on using flood lights for flagpole illumination. These recommendations do not apply to all situations. For additional assistance or pole heights over 25’, please contact e-conolight at 888.243.9445 or email to work with an applicaiton engineer.
American Flag Etiquette & Disposal
  • Do show respect, display and illuminate proudly
  • Do raise briskly and lower ceremoniously
  • Do display at half-staff when the state or nation is mourning
  • Do display at half-staff on Memorial Day until noon, then raise
  • Don't fly any other flag or pennant above it
  • Don't let it touch the ground
  • Don't use as drapery, clothing or decoration
  • Don't embellish or deface


When the American flag reaches a condition in which it is no longer fit for display, it should be destroyed in a dignified, ceremonious manner.