Utility Plant Uses LED Wall Packs to Reduce Energy Costs

Utility Plant Uses LED Wall Packs to Reduce Energy Costs

Racine, WI


Managers at the Racine Water and Wastewater plant are always on the look-out for cost efficiencies. As exterior legacy lighting fixtures fail, officials at the plant are using part of their annual lighting budget to purchase energy efficient LED wall packs offered by e-conolight.


Utility supervisors chose 78, 2,000 lumen 38W cool white LED wall packs to replace 50W and 70W high-pressure sodium fixtures above the exterior doorways of the plant's 17 buildings. Maintenance Supervisor Bruce Bartel estimates the LED fixtures utility will see 25% to 50% of savings.


The Racine Water and Wastewater facility provides water treatment services for eight communities in eastern Racine County. Keeping costs down for the Utility's customers is an on-going challenge, and Bartel said changing out traditional fixtures for LED fixtures will go a long way in helping reach that goal.

"The electrical savings should range up to 50 percent, depending on the fixture replaced," he said. 

Quality of light and a uniform appearance are also important.

"We like the light output on these fixtures," Bartel added. "We used the (wall packs) to finish off the exterior to have everything match."

E-WP6 Series LED Premium Wall Pack 
Replaces 100W PSMH | 3350 Lumens