Directional Floodlights Add Mood to Restaurant

Directional Floodlights Add Mood to Restaurant

Brookfield, WI


In the restaurant business, presentation matters. At the Olive Garden restaurant in Brookfield, WI, managers were aware that how the building looks after dark is just as
important as how it looks during the day. To create an attractive lighting scheme for both aesthetic and security purposes, Manager Russell Gudex gave the “OK” to have LED directional floodlights offered by e-conolight installed.


A dozen (12) LED premium directional floodlights were positioned around the perimeter of the restaurant at 50- and 60-degree angles to illuminate the sides of the building and spotlight tressels. The directional fixtures replaced the outdated lights that were installed when this Olive Garden was built in 1991.


Gudex said the LED fixtures have made a big difference in the way the restaurant appears after dark.

“The light is vibrant and bright,” he said. “The way (the LED fixtures) wash the sides of the building and highlight the tressels is fantastic.” He is not only satisfied with the quality of the light but also with the design and operation of the floodlights.

“I really like the look and design of the lights,” Gudex added. “We put them on a timer, and it works great. This is a good product worth the money.”

“These give off great light and are reasonably priced,” he added.

Products Used
C-FL-A-RDN Series LED Directional Floodlight 
Replaces 100W PSMH | 2800 Lumens