Five Electrical Apps You Can Use at the Jobsite

Just as lighting technology changes, so do the tools an electrical contractor can add to his/her project toolbox. More and more mobile apps have been popping up, and these helpful resources provide a wealth of information on topics as diverse as schematics and government regulations all in the palm of one’s hand. That means it’s easier than ever to get the information you need while you’re on the go.

Read more about some of the current top apps by device below. They are all inexpensive, so you can test a few out and see which best fit your business and project needs!

  1. Electrical Calc USA(Compatible with Apple and Android; < $10)
    Basic calculations can be performed (with NEC-compliant results) on an expansive body of topics including wire and conduit sizing, overload/overcurrent protection, and voltage drop. An added bonus is the user’s ability to watch video tutorials for advanced calculations.
  2. Electrical Formulator (Compatible with Apple; < $5)
    An ideal app for electrical conversions and formula calculations, the Electrical Formulator can calculate data from voltage drops to equipment operating costs, as well as numerous conversions for kilowatts, BTUs, etc. Operational results can be saved and/or emailed, and frequently used formulas can be stored. 100 charts are included, in addition to fast access to state electrical codes.
  3. Electrical Tools & Reference (Compatible with Android; < $5)
    The fully re-designed latest incarnation of this app features various tools, calculators, and reference charts for everyday use. Some items of interest: Watts, amps, and volts calculator; PFC calculator; EICR Frequency of Inspections Chart and Observation Code; Cable and wiring types; Surge Protection Chart; Maximum Permitted RCD Trip Times for RCDs and Time Delay RCDs Chart; CPC Size Calculator.
  4. Electrical Wiring Pro(Compatible with Apple and Android; < $5)
    Designed specifically for wiring systems projects, this resource allows electrical contractors to determine proper codes and designs, box and conduit fill calculations, and wire size for diverse applications. All data is based on the latest edition of the NEC.
  5. Voltage Drop Calculator Pro (Compatible with Android; < $5)
    Calculations can be performed for various topics including wire voltage and % drop, correct wire sizing, and maximum amps for a determined drop. Also, inputted wire lengths work with the GPS from the user’s phone to approximate distance, while all app generated information can be emailed. This app specifically utilizes the 2008, 2011 and 2014 NEC values for impedance.
Article Written by Clint Y.

Clint is a Product Marketing Specialist. He aims to bring innovative, high-quality lighting to the market that provides a solution to customers’ needs. By keeping the consumer front of mind, he focuses on providing superior customer service and competitive pricing and delivering the best overall experience and value straight to the consumer.