The Right Office Lighting Improves Performance and Productivity

LED troffer e-conolight office

Office lighting can be tricky to get right. On the one hand, workers need bright light to do their jobs, but on the other hand, light can’t be too bright or computer screens get washed out and lead to vision fatigue.

E-conolight has a number of LED fixtures to keep employees on task and productive both at their desks and in meetings with colleagues.

LED troffers, track heads and recessed lighting all contribute to a brighter, healthier work environment:

  • Troffers deliver light evenly from overhead without glare, fulfilling general illumination needs.
  • LED track heads are more of an accent layer, perfect in smaller offices and conference rooms because they can highlight significant details or gently wash walls.
  • Recessed lighting is versatile and serves as another layer, providing more targeted light that can also serve as general illumination instead of or in conjunction with troffers and track heads.

Lighting also impacts how employees feel and think about their workspace. By providing LED lighting solutions that improve comfort and productivity, workers keep a more positive outlook from the start of their day until they head home.

Article Written by Clint Y.

Clint is a Product Marketing Specialist. He aims to bring innovative, high-quality lighting to the market that provides a solution to customers’ needs. By keeping the consumer front of mind, he focuses on providing superior customer service and competitive pricing and delivering the best overall experience and value straight to the consumer.