Master The LED Dusk to Dawn Light (With This Guide)

Master The LED Dusk to Dawn Light (With This Guide)

LED Dusk to Dawn Lights are the powerhouse energy-savers in the LED lighting world.

Not only are they perfect for increasing outdoor security levels, but they do it in a way that saves you time, effort, and money.

As your lighting should.

Only, with this particular kind of lighting, you never need to remember to turn it on and off; it does that part automatically, the second that light is either detected or, well, undetected.

What does that mean for you?

No missed energy savings and no surprise electric bills.

Sounds blissful, doesn’t it?

It is.

Read on to learn all about how LED dusk to dawns work their magic, why you should always choose LED over traditional HID fixtures, how to tell a bad from great dusk to dawn, and which applications serve them best.

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Okay. So LED dusk to dawn LED lights are great. Cool. Which applications would I find them in?

More than you might think. But mostly barns, driveways, sheds, yards, and garages.

How do they work?

A great question.

They’re equipped with a small photocell that detects the amount of current ambient light and uses semi-conductors to control the electric current within. Once the photocell is exposed to a certain amount of light, the current flows and the fixture shuts itself off.

Then, as the sun goes down in the evening, the current stops, signaling for the fixture to turn on automatically.

Even better? Since the dusk to dawn’s activation is based purely on current ambient light levels, Daylight Savings or seasonal time changes won’t affect its ability to turn on and off at appropriate times. Count that as one less thing to worry about.

Helpful installation tip: Make sure that when you position your LED dusk to dawn, it won’t be exposed to light from other fixtures.

This can interfere with the dusk to dawn fixture’s sensing capabilities, making it think it’s daytime when it’s actually not. And no one wants that.

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What’s the deal with LED?

Using an LED dusk to dawn lighting, versus a traditional fluorescent HID fixture, can save your client up to 90% on energy costs. Which basically means they’ll pay for themselves in about a year, at least.

And those money savings? They can be passed on to other more important things.

As in, not replacing your lighting every 2 to 3 years. Which would be the case if you used traditional lighting. LEDs, however, last for about up to 20 years, maintenance-free.

LED lighting also emits a crisp white light that’s much less yellow than HID fixtures. Everything under them becomes more rich, vibrant, and truer to life, appearing just as they would in daylight.

The result? Areas instantly become more welcoming and secure.

Is there an easy way to tell a good dusk to dawn LED light from a bad one? How can I be sure I won’t waste my money?

Two words:

Quality testing.

This isn’t common knowledge, but many online lighting retailers don’t take the time to test their products or back up any of their claims about product performance. Why? It’s expensive. And it takes time. And, as a result, there’s a lot of sub-par products floating around out there.

What can you do to make sure you don’t buy one of these those duds?

When looking for that perfect dusk to dawn light fixture luminaire, make sure to buy one with a UL, ETL, or DLC logo (ideally, all).

UL (Underwriter Laboratories, the largest independent safety company in the world) tests fixtures for fires, shocks, and any other surprises, to ensure they’re safe for use.

ETL (Electronic Testing Labs) tests for the same things as UL does; in fact, both are NRTLs, or Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories.

DLC (DesignLights Consortium®) only tests commercial lighting; this is their specialty, so they have extremely high standards for passing a fixture. Some things they test for are energy efficiency, light output, light depreciation, color rendering, and warranty validity. A fixture can either be DLC Standard or DLC Premium. The difference is that DLC Premium requires higher efficiencies and has an additional light depreciation metric.

Another thing you’ll also want to look for when buying a dusk to dawn LED lighting is a warranty.

Are you covered in the event that something goes wrong?

Reputable online lighting retailers that stand behind their products should have a warranty on all of their lighting. If not, it should raise your eyebrow.

Is the product wet listed? Meaning, is it guaranteed to work properly in a location where liquids might drip, splash, or flow against it?

Lighting that’s wet listed uses waterproof seals to ensure that their internal components aren’t exposed to any kind of moisture.

Once you have one or all of these designations dressed as beautiful badges on your lighting packaging, you’re good to go.

And by that, we mean no surprise calls from your clients saying the LED dusk to dawn fixture you installed failed.

Welcome to LED Dusk to Dawn Applications 101. We’re glad you made it.

LED Dusk to Dawn Lights at Barns and Farms:

Let’s face it:

Horses and other animals are hot commodities and not everyone has the best intentions. Thankfully, dusk to dawns can shed some light on the situation (see what we did there?) and increase security on your barn or farm.

Since they turn on automatically when the sun goes down, your barn or farm is illuminated consistently, all night long. This alone encourages thieves, or anyone else lingering around and looking for trouble, to head to the next barn. You know, the one shrouded in darkness.

Lighting entryways is also important at night, especially when safely delivering important medications to animals.

This way, bright and crisp LED lighting allows you to clearly and easily see where you’re going, without any expected dips or turns.

Fun fact:

Barn lights were, at one time, referred to as beacon lighting. Farmers knew, if they saw one in the distance, that such “beacons of light” could help them find their way around, or simply back to their homes.

LED Dusk to Dawn Lighting in Docks and Yards:

dusk to dawn lights in a yard

Whether in a residential or commercial setting, having a reliable LED light affixed to a dock is a necessity for boat safety. Without proper illumination, it’s difficult for boat drivers to see at night. The result? Unexpected accidents.

Installing a dusk to dawn light on a dock can help increase nighttime visibility, decreasing the likelihood of damage to boats (which are, by no means, cheap), docks, or other property, which can lead to costly repairs.

And, you know, your client missing his or her footing and taking an unexpected midnight swim.

Consequently, dusk to dawn lights in backyards help increase security, ensuring that intruders stay where they belong: out.

Also, with their bright and crisp light, they can help create an inviting atmosphere for guests during outdoor gatherings past sunset.

The best part? You don’t even have to remember to turn them off once the party’s over.

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LED Dusk to Dawns in Parking Lots:

Dusk to dawn fixtures can help brighten parking lots, instantly creating a more inviting atmosphere for potential customers and driving more revenue to a business.

After all, a dark and dreary parking lot doesn’t exactly scream ‘walk through me.’

Not to mention:

Within a parking lot that isn’t equipped with LED lighting, you’ll find that the farther you get from the light’s source, the more the light loses its intensity.

This results in pockets of dark areas that leave open the potential for vandalism, or other security concerns.

Not so with an LED dusk to dawn light. Instead, this light’s intensity stays bright and even, from the source, all the way to the ends.

And, thus, pedestrians can walk to and from their vehicles more safely.

Want to make your parking lot even more inviting? Add an LED area light. Or five. They’re also designed to brighten up wide spaces and can be a great complement to your dusk to dawn.

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Now that that’s all said and done…let’s point you to the good stuff.

Now that you know how amazing dusk to dawn LED lights are, why not check out ours?

In fact, we’ve got a variety of different options, sure to satisfy any application.

They’ve been quality-tested, and they’re guaranteed designed to last up to 50,000 hours, maintenance-free. So, not only are you not having to worry about turning them off and on; you’re not worrying about them, period.

And, don’t forget, all of our lighting comes with a 5-year warranty, in the rare circumstance that something unexpected happens.

It probably won’t, but just in case – we’ve got you covered.

Have more questions? Contact our lighting experts at 1-888-243-9445. If you’re looking for the perfect fixture for your next application, they can certainly point you in the right direction.

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