The Most Searched Mandela Effect in Every U.S. State

The Most Searched Mandela Effect in Every U.S. State

Have you ever pictured a company logo clearly in your mind, only to find out later that what you were picturing was wrong? You’re not alone. When a bunch of people are convinced of something (like an event or name) that never existed, it’s called the Mandela Effect. Today, there are many products like snacks and tv shows that people have been calling the wrong names or spelling incorrectly for ages. We decided to find out which Mandela Effect each state was completely convinced of by using Google Trends search data to uncover the most searched Mandela effect in every state. Read on to discover what you, too, may have been mistaking this whole time.

The Most Searched Mandela Effect in Every U.S. State

The most searched Mandela effects in every state.

Every morning in Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and Wyoming, people reach into the pantry and pour a nice, hearty bowl of “Captain Crunch.” Topping it off with some milk, they sit down for a great breakfast. After all these years, you’d think they would have realized his name is “Cap’n” and not “Captain.”

Later in the day, when people from New Hampshire or Oklahoma need a snack break, many of them would say they’ve grabbed the “Cheez-Its” from the pantry, not knowing that they were actually holding a “Cheez-It” box the whole time! If you can believe it, there are plenty of states where people don’t know what they’re eating.

Finishing off the day, residents from Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, and South Carolina get in their cars and drive to pick up some “Chic-fil-a” for dinner. These customers would arrive to be surprised to see that there is actually a “k” in the name on the large lit-up sign. You’d think at least Georgians would know the correct spelling for the beloved fast-food chain that originated in their very own state.

The Most Searched Mandela Effects Overall

The most searched Mandela effects overall.

Interestingly enough, the top five most searched Mandela Effects revolve around food items. For how often consumers bite into these beloved snacks and treats, you’d think they’d have an idea about what these names actually are.

The most commonly mistaken Mandela effect is that Americans seem to believe that the ooey-gooey, marshmallow-filled snack is a “Rice Krispie Treat.” Residents of seven states do not realize that they are missing a critical letter and that this hearty snack’s name is in fact “Rice Krispies Treats.”

Similarly, four states would be completely shocked to learn that the classic cookie that they enjoy dunking into milk does not include the extra “f.” Check the wrapping next time, and you, too, will see that it is in fact a “Double Stuf Oreo!”

On the other end, residents in five states are just completely confused when it comes to "Funyuns." These snack lovers must never look at the bag once they bite into those onion-flavored rings – they have been thinking they were “Funions” this whole time!

Closing Thoughts

So, how do these misconceptions happen? Many times, we can chalk the Mandela Effect up to mishearing a name or phrase. A brand or tv show name might not be spelled the way it sounds. Many companies come up with alternative ways to spell normal words (i.e., Froot Loops), which can be confusing.

However, it all comes down to simple routine. Once we learn something (or think we do), we’re unlikely to question it. We’re so accustomed to our patterns of thought that it takes a light-bulb moment to realize we were wrong.

It’s easy to understand how some people get names wrong, but if you’ve got the right lighting in your home, you’ll never have to worry about misreading another brand name. We’ve got a wide range of high-efficiency interior lighting options that will make names crystal clear. Just remember it’s e-conolight, not anything else.


To find out which Mandela effect was the most searched in each state, we compiled a list of trending debunked Mandela effects across the U.S. and looked at 24 keywords on Google Trends for all of 2022. We searched by the most common Mandela effects to shed light on which common household goods, TV shows, etc. Americans in each state have had wrong for all these years. If you think you’ve had them correct this whole time, check out the interactive table below of the search terms we used and their actual spellings. Filter, scroll, and explore all the most common Mandela effects to discover what you, too, have been mistaken on.