Lighting for Laborers - LED Lighting Increases Work Productivity

Nearly 130 years ago, America began honoring the contributions of its workers with the introduction of Labor Day. In the late 19th century, working conditions in the United States were poor - with the most accidents out of any other industrial country. Labor Day sought to change that throughout the workforce.

Although conditions in today's society have improved, studies show that there is a strong correlation between poor lighting and productivity. Poor lighting can affect work performance by increasing human error rates and causing migraines. That's where LED lighting comes in. It has the potential to increase productivity in the workplace up to 5%, without adding hours to the work week.

Our LED High Bays and Low Bays are perfect for better lighting and productivity in warehouses, storage, garages and industrial applications. Since LEDs emit less heat than traditional lighting, high temperatures rise off of the shop floors, creating a better working temperature for employees. LED Linear Suspended lights are also great for working environments. Used to brighten up work stations, these LED lights can decrease eye strain and migraines.

Thanks to the laborers who fought for workers' rights all those years ago, we now live in a nation that strives to create safe working environments. Visit to shop LED products and make sure your lighting and productivity are improved.


Article Written by Clint Y.

Clint is a Product Marketing Specialist. He aims to bring innovative, high-quality lighting to the market that provides a solution to customers’ needs. By keeping the consumer front of mind, he focuses on providing superior customer service and competitive pricing and delivering the best overall experience and value straight to the consumer.